Holistic Integrated Psychotherapy.com

Kelly Reed, LCSW, ALC, CCTP

Services & Rates

Holistic Integrated Psychotherapy (55 Minutes)                

     Psychotherapy sessions  may involve talk therapy, behavior modification, guided imagery, and the use of yoga asana, meditation, pranayama, and Ayurvedic practices.   Asanas, meditations, pranayamas, and Ayurvedic practices are chosen in response to the difficulties that  you are presenting.  These practices are taught and practiced in session and you will generally be given written instructions to take with you to continue the practice at home.  Specific nutritional or herbal supplementation may also be recommended. 

Holistic Counseling                                                       

     Holistic Counseling is focused on present goals for achieving health and wellness.  These goals can include improving nutrition and health, changing habits that no longer serve you, regulating sleep patterns, or developing a daily routine that supports your life just to name a few.  Holistic Counseling is for those who do not need or want the intensive focus of psychotherapy but want to make significant and long lasting changes in their lives.

Ayurvedic Consultation (90 minutes)                                  

     Ayurvedic consultation involves the examination of your Prakriti (natural state), Vikriti (current state), and recommendations as to how to bring these back into balance.  Consultation includes but is not limited to evaluation of digestion, elimination, physical and mental health, and energy levels as well as examination of the pulse and tongue.  Consult may include recommendations to make changes or additions to one's lifestyle, diet, asana practice, exercise, self-care, and herbs as well as counseling and behavior interventions.

Ayurvedic Counseling (45 minutes)                                   

     Ayurvedic Counseling involves follow up from the initial consultation.  We will review the progress that you are making, problem solve additional factors, and make adjustments and additions to the original  treatment regimine.