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Welcome to My Practice!

Please note that this site is undergoing transformation! It has been almost a decade since I began my private practice and it and I am evolving! I look forward to what is to come and sharing it with you!

Kelly Reed, LCSW, ALC, CCTP

I am happy to share a bit about myself, my education, and my philosophy of health and healing.

I have always been intrigued by the mind and behavior and I knew from a relatively early age that the healing arts would be my career path.  I have a BA in Psychology and Women's Studies from Penn State University and a Masters in Social Work from Barry University in South Florida.  After graduate school I moved to Portland, Oregon where I obtained my Clinical License in Social Work.  My experiences on the West Coast were profound and led me to a deep understanding of the  mind/body/spirit connection and its relation to health and wellness.

After nine years on the West Coast, I returned to my roots and settled in beautiful Bucks County, PA.  It was here that I took my love of Mind/Body healing to the next level and became a Registered Kundalini Yoga Teacher.  In my Teacher Training Program, I was required to write a thesis about some aspect of Yoga.  It was in this assignment that I discovered my true calling.  I studied the Integration of Yoga, Meditation, and Psychotherapy and wrote my thesis on this amazing Mind/Body/Spirit approach to healing which is the basis of my Psychotherapy Practice.

Next came the discovery of Ayurveda, the Science of Life, the sister science to Yoga that is based on the five elements and three Doshas.  Ayurveda gave words to how I was already perceiving health, wellness, disease and the world within and around me.  I completed my studies with the American Institute of Vedic Studies and am an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant.  I continue to study these practices, I am forever a student of this healing paradigm.

My education, training, life experiences, and passion have combined together to create a unique combination of healing modalities.  I offer traditional Psychotherapy skillfully woven together with Mindfulness, Yoga, Meditation, and Ayurveda.  With my support you will access the power to heal and move from struggle to the wisdom of heart based healing.